The Children Receive School Supplies

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In our church in Senkata, Bolivia, one of the poorest zones of the city of El Alto, our children received their gifts of school supplies after a Sunday service.  Watch the genuine smiles on their faces in the short video.  You would have thought it was Christmas and they were receiving a greatly anticipated present instead of just paper and pencils and notebooks.  I am fortunate that I never knew what is was like to sit in a classroom and want to learn but not have paper or notebooks to do my assignment, but that is what these children often face.  But not this year, thanks to those of you who gave to this project.

We were a little concerned when Sunday morning began because the Pastor’s jalopy broke down.  We were able to find a ride from his relative over the rough roads to the little storefront church, but early morning rains meant mud filled streets that Pastor Gustavo traversed on foot, walking miles to the children’s homes to see if they would be able to walk back to the church.  One of kids, a fifteen year old, was worried because she didn’t have any shoes to make the walk, but she showed up-about a half hour late in shoes too small for her feet.  She and the others were so thankful and blessed.  I thank God for you, our sponsors that make this possible. Gracias from the children of Remenante de Israel.  

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