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Pastors of Remenante de Israel

Pastors of Remenante de Israel

Pastora Doris and Pastor Gustavo planted a church 13 years ago in the heart of the poorest area of El Alto, Bolivia.  But this is no ordinary church.  This church is aimed at bringing the message of salvation in Christ to the next generation.  This church, called Remenante de Israel (The Remnant of Israel), is for poor children from birth until 15 or 16 years of age.  Most of their parents are not Christian, some don’t even know who Jesus is, but the children are being schooled in the Bible, prayer, miracles, worship and hearing the voice of God.

Mary Luz

Mary Luz

I remember Mary Luz when she was 5 years old taking up offerings and singing to the Lord in front of the church.  Mary Luz is now 13.

Mary Elena, Sonja and Florinda in back with Jessica in front

Mary Elena, Sonja and Florinda in back with Jessica in front

Jessica, now 10 years old, has been coming to this church since she was 1.  Mary Elena and  Sonja have grown up in the church, coming since they were very little.  Mary Elena is now 13 and Sonja is 15 years old.  And Florinda, who wants to be a doctor, is also 15 and soon she will be helping to teach the younger ones.


Rhonda and I have been ministering at Remenante since our first trip to Bolivia in 2008, when our friend and missionary Steve Reed brought us.  And Pastor Doris and Gustavo are best friends and prayer partners.  To us, they are heroes of the faith.  They minister each and every Sunday, and they rent the building and pay for things to help these children almost completely from their own pocket.  They have had to change buildings several times, always renting a place in the same neighborhood.  Right now they are in a small storefront, and they are happy to have it, but it doesn’t even have a bathroom.

The kids are getting ready to start school.  Here in Bolivia it starts in February.  Year after year they scrape by with barely enough materials, and we just don’t want to see that happen anymore.  They need pencils and paper, pens, color pencils or crayons, rulers or a geometry kit, a notebook and erasers.  I hope to be able to get the three oldest girls a backpack.  This is where I need your help.  We currently have 30 children.  Sometimes these children don’t even have enough to eat three meals in a day.  They need your help.

The minimum materials we want to buy will cost $10.  That’s it!  TEN American Dollars!  The backpacks will cost about $25 each, and we need 3.  You can donate that money right here!  Go to the donate button.  These kids frankly need a miracle to make it.  It is so easy for them to look around and lose hope.  Please help, donate some hope.  And please pray for them.  Florinda wants to go to medical school; this will be a miracle.  Rhonda and I, and Pastor Gustavo and Doris have already begun praying, asking God for a plan for her.  She has seven brothers and no money to even get to university, even though it doesn’t cost much here.  Pray for her, Mary Luz, Sonja, Jessica and the others.  And please pray for these heroes that spend all they have to keep this church going, Pastor Gustavo and Doris.

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