Christmas in the Villages

It is always said that Christmas is a time for giving.  But why do we give?  We give because God first gave us his most precious gift, Jesus.  In the spirit of this giving Lovely Feet Ministries in partnership with Pastor Juan Saravia took Christmas dinner to 13 families in the Altiplano.

The morning started out cold with a promise of rain.  We began our day praying that God would bless our time in the villages and keep the rain at bay until we had finished.  The roads we take are prone to landslides and many are made only of dirt.  Rain, mud and landslides can render the roads un-passable in just a short time.

We left La Paz just after 8am and headed to villages.  The previous night we had loaded the Christmas dinners into individual gift bags. Each dinner included a roasting chicken, 1 lb of Rice, green beans, 2 Ltr of Coke, a Christmas cake called Panetone and a Christmas platter.

The sun was shinning when we arrived in Patacamaya at about 10am. We went straight to the church and had a short worship service where Ron shared about the Good Samaritan. His message that just as Jesus represents the Good Samaritan in this parable, we are to represent God as we reach out to help those in need in Patacamaya and around the world.

All of the brothers and sisters were grateful to God to receive their Christmas dinners.  They each expressed excitement and agreement when Rhonda shared that next year each of them would have their turn to bless another with a Christmas dinner.

The rain continued to stay off in the distance as we traveled the 45 minutes to Calacachi.  If you remember, this is the village that had their house of prayer (a small shed) destroyed by a storm.  The small group of believers continues to meet each Sunday afternoon in the open air.  We were well received and the brothers and sisters were overwhelmed and happy to receive Christmas dinner.

We took Brother Leoncio and his family to Patacamaya and had lunch with Pastor Juan before heading back to La Paz.  The rain that threatened all day finally came but not before we had completed God’s work for the day.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are humbled to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Aymara of the Altiplano.  Your generosity made it possible to feed 13 families a Christmas dinner that they will always remember as a gift from their heavenly Father.


Chickens – $67

Green beans – $5

Rice – $20

Panetone (a traditional cake)- $20

Platters – $15

Coke Cole – $20

Gift bags – $4

Christmas Dinner TOTAL $151


4 x 4 Jeep rental to the villages – $80

Gasoline – $27

Transportation TOTAL $107



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