My Grocery Store

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So, we are off to the grocery store-sort of.  We live only four blocks from where we do most of our grocery shopping and odds and ends shopping as well.  It’s not quite Walmart, but we like many of the things we can find in the street market called, Mercado Satelite.  Market days are Thursdays and Sundays, but the grocery part is open every day.  There are no processed foods, it’s all fresh and you shop vendor to vendor for what you want.  On market days you can find shoes, plastic tubs and garbage cans, videos, toys, tools, and more.  The fruits and vegetables are better than most of what you find in the states and the prices are much less.

Watch the video to see the market, some of the fruits and Rhonda buying a chicken.  That day I also bought some thinly sliced cow liver—Chloe and Figaro love that stuff!


We also have a regular grocery store about a mile from our house.  It’s new and sells groceries, as well as socks and shirts.  It is not nearly as well stocked as a grocery in the U.S., but occasionally we can find some things there that we are used to.  The problem is the price.  This week we bought a small jar of Ragu tomato sauce.  It was that or we have to make it from scratch, which quite frankly is time consuming.  But it cost $4.50 for the same jar we could find in the U.S. for $1.89.  A box of American cereal is $4, a small jar of peanut butter is $4.50.  So you can see we don’t like to go there unless we need cheese.  And let’s face it, we need cheese.  It is reasonably priced and tastes good.  Otherwise we stick to the street market where we get things much cheaper and we make friends with some of the vendors.

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